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Double Quiz: Present Simple Questions/ Trivia

This quiz determines your mastery of both present simple questions and trivia (that is, your general knowledge).

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Instructions:  In all cases, click on the appropriate response. The trivia questions appear when you answer (correctly or incorrectly) the grammar questions.

1. For which newspaper   does  |  do    the comic-book hero, Superman, work?    

2. Which river    runs   |  run    through the Grand Canyon?    

3. The U.S. state of Vermont has a French name. What does it    means   |  mean    exactly?    

4. What does a silviculturist    do   |  does    exactly?    

5. In the famous song from the musical Evita, what word    follows   |  follow    'Don't cry for me.........'?    

6. Who does the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes    fears   |  fear    the most?    

7. In which direction    does   |  do    a north wind blow?    

8. In which story by Charles Dickens    does   |  do    three different ghosts appear one after another?    

9. What    does   |  do    the Beaufort scale measure?    

10. What vehicle    does   |  do    we associate with the Oregon Trail and the exploration of the American west?    

11. Which country    has   |  have    no army?    

12. Which fast-food item    advertizes   |    advertize   itself as 'finger-licking good,' or words to that effect?    

13. Where    does   |  do    one normally find penguins?    

14. How    does   |  do   the Spanish serve the soup they call 'gazpacho'?    

15. Which country    does   |  do    people refer to as 'The Emerald Isle?'    


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