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Double Quiz: Present Simple / Trivia

This quiz determines your mastery of both present simple verb forms and trivia (that is, your general knowledge).

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Instructions:  In all cases, click on the appropriate response. The trivia questions appear when you answer (correctly or incorrectly) the grammar questions.

1. The Tropic of Cancer   lies  |  lie   in the northern hemisphere of the globe    

2. Most Austrians    speaks   |  speak    German.    

3. Water    freezes   |  freeze    at 0 degrees centigrade.    

4. A supersonic plane    flies   |  fly    faster than the speed of sound.    

5. The U.S. president and his family    lives   |  live    in The White House.    

6. The Russian alphabet    has   |  have    more characters than the English alphabet.    

7. In South America, two countries    shares   |  share    a border with Uruguay.    

8. The comic-book characters Batman and Robin    lives   |  live    in a large city.    

9. One of North America's largest cities    is   |  are    also known as 'the windy city.'    

10. The River Danube    empties   |  empty    into the sea off the Rumanian coast.    

11. The flags of many nations    is   |  are    composed of three colored stripes.    

12. Cyprus is an island country which    has   |    have   two official languages.    

13. A wrench is a mechanic's tool. The British    refers   |  refer    to it by a different name.    

14. No one is immortal. Everyone    dies   |  die   eventually.    

15. One of the most beautiful Inca ruins   is   |  are    Machu Picchu.    


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