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Tam-tam at the Park

Every Sunday a crowd of young people gather at a central park in Montreal to play drums and dance to the rhythms created. Here is the conversation between two tourists who are seeing it for the first time.

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Instructions:  Fill the blanks with the missing words by clicking on the correct word from the list.
First Tourist: Wow! There are a lot of people here. And they ()    
   a)    are still coming.
b)    still are coming.
c)    come still.
d)    still come.

Second Tourist: It's a nice atmosphere. It () like most of the people here are enjoying themselves.
   a)    looks
b)    look
c)    is looking

First Tourist: You're right. Everyone () fun.     
   a)    have
b)    is having
c)    has
d)    are having

Second Tourist: Look at that guy climbing up onto the statue. He () he's on Mount Everest.
   a)    think
b)    is thinking
c)    's thinking
d)    thinks

First Tourist: There are a lot of police cadets around. () they are expecting trouble?
   a)    Are you supposing
b)    You are supposing
c)    You suppose
d)    Do you suppose

Second Tourist: I doubt it. In the guide book it () that there's never any trouble.   
   a)    says
b)    say
c)    is saying

First Tourist: You're right. Look at all the kids down there. They look very happy and () fun.   
   a)    have obviously
b)    obviously have
c)    are obviously having
d)    are having obviously

Second Tourist. I suppose this must be seasonal. Surely no one () here in the middle of a Montreal winter.   
   a)    dance
b)    is dancing
c)    dances
d)    are dancing

First Tourist: I'm not so sure. On a sunny day in the middle of winter it must be possible to dance and still stay warm. They () warmly.   
   a)    dress probably
b)    probably are dressing
c)    are probably dressing
d)    probably dress

Second Tourist. Yes, you may be right. These Canadians are all a bit crazy anyway. But they () how to have a good time.   
   a)    know certainly
b)    certainly know
c)    are certainly knowing
d)    certainly are knowing

First Tourist: I () you want to dance.
   a)    don't suppose
b)    am not supposing
c)    suppose not

Second Tourist: Hey! Why not? I love the rhythms. My feet () already. Let's join the crowd.   
   a)    dance
b)    is dancing
c)    are dancing

First Tourist: This is a lot of fun. Look at that girl over there. She () to be in a trance.   
   a)    is seeming
b)    seems
c)    seem

Second Tourist: This is amazing. Do you think it's spontaneous. Nobody () as a leader.   
   a)    acts
b)    is acting
c)    act
b)    are acting

First Tourist: You're wrong. There is a woman sitting over there in the center. I () she is setting the rhythm and the others are following.    
   a)    imagine
b)    am imagining


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