ESL Blues   Non-progressive / Stative verbs   

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Nonprogressive verbs

Write the correct form of the verb in the box. Numbers 1 and 2 are given as examples.
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Use your mouse or your tab button to move from one box to another. The tab button is quicker.

1. I ( want ) to learn English... want
2. I ( do ) this quiz. am doing
3. I ( think ) English is important. think
4. That is why I ( sit ) here in front of my computer. am sitting
5. I ( try ) to find the correct form of the verbs. am trying
6. Now I ( think ) about the rules... am thinking
7. ...but I ( remember negative) them very well. don't remember
8. However, I ( have ) fun with this quiz. am having
9. I ( know negative) the rules very well... don't know
10. ...but now I ( understand ) them a little better. understand
11. Right now I ( recheck ) my responses ... am rechecking
12. ...and I ( realize ) that there are probably many mistakes. realize
13. I ( suppose ) I should do the quiz again after I check the scores. suppose
14. Although I ( like ) to use my computer... like
15. ...I ( prefer ) to use a book. prefer

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