My friend Luisa

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Luisa is my best friend.

Here is some more information about Luisa. Finish the sentences by choosing the correct ending. Write the corresponding letter (use capitals) in the box on the left. Use your mouse or your tab button to move from one box to another. The first answer is G.

G 1. I would like A. are at elementary school.
A 2. Her children B. that they like school.
E 3. They're C. has a dog.
H 4. Their D. speaks Spanish and French with her kids.
B 5. They say E. six and eight years old.
C 6. The family F. a good mother.
J 7. Its G. to describe my friend's family to you.
D 8. Luisa usually H. names are Lisa and Juan.
F 9. Luisa is I. so good to have a friend like Luisa.
I 10. It's J. name is Fido.

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