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    Pierre:Hi, Elisabeth. How's it going?

    Elisabeth:Everything's fine. And how are things with you?

    Pierre:Great. How's the rest of the family?
    Elisabeth:Up and down. You know how it is. My brother Mark is quitting his job.

    Pierre:How come? He has a good job. What's the problem?
    Elisabeth:He says he's bored with his present job. He wants something more stimulating.

    Now continue with the exercise. Choose the correct adjective:
    1. Pierre: Hey, my job's __________ too, but that's no reason to quit. It's not easy to find a new job.
    boring         bored      Hint       Answer
    2. Elisabeth: I think he's quitting for another reason. He didn't get the promotion he wanted and I think that he's really ________.
    disappointing         disappointed      Hint       Answer
    3. Pierre: That's probably the real reason. He works hard and his boss is very ________ with his work, so he deserves a promotion.
    satisfying         satisfied      Hint       Answer
    4. Elisabeth: Well I hope he changes his mind. It's difficult to find ________ work with a good salary.
    satisfying        satisfied      Hint       Answer
    5. Pierre: How about your sister Kate? I hear that she won a prize for her multimedia project. She must be ________.
    thrilling         thrilled      Hint       Answer
    6. Elisabeth: I'm really happy for her. She worked so hard. And the results are fantastic. It's a sociology project and it's full of __________ images and sounds.
    fascinating         fascinated      Hint       Answer
    7. Pierre: Good for her! She really deserves it. But I feel really bad. She invited me to see it. I planned to go, but when the day came, I completely forgot. It was so ________.
    embarrassing         embarrassed      Hint       Answer
    8. Elisabeth: Yes, she told me. Apparently she saw you the next day and you were really ________ when she mentioned it. Don't worry about it. She knows you're very busy.
    surprising         surprised      Hint       Answer
    9. Pierre: Well, I'm glad she's not upset with me. By the way, there's a documentary on tv this evening that you should not miss. It's about global warming, and some of its predictions are quite ________.
    terrifying         terrified      Hint       Answer
    10. Elisabeth: Global warming! Future disasters! It sounds very ________.
    depressing         depressed      Hint       Answer
    11. Pierre: Yeah! You're probably right. But as you know, I'm very ________ in that type of documentary. I'm not going to miss it.
    interesting         interested      Hint       Answer
    12. Elisabeth: But it's not for me. My work is quite ________ and when I come home, I just want to relax.
    exhausting         exhausted      Hint       Answer
    13. Pierre: I know what you mean. I often feel quite depressed after I watch that kind of documentary, but at the same time I find it quite ________.
    fascinating         fascinated      Hint       Answer
    14. Elisabeth: I think you're like those people who go to see horror movies. You love to be ________. You find it very exciting.
    frightening        frightened      Hint       Answer
    15. Pierre: You're absolutely right. I'm ________ to see that my personality is so transparent. Anyway, I have to go. It was nice talking to you again, Elisabeth. Let's get together very soon.
    Elisabeth: Yes, let's do that.
    pleasing         pleased      Hint       Answer

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