Pic of someone diving into a pool ESL Using the
Blues Past Tense

KEY: To help you understand the structure of the sentence:
Questions Responses
Who organized the party? Bill organized it.
Who did he invite? He invited all his friends and colleagues.
How many people went? About thirty people went.
Did you enjoy yourself?Yes, I enjoyed myself very much. (Yes, I did.)
What time did you leave?I left around midnight.
Were you alone? No, I wasn't alone. I was with Elisabeth.
Why didn't you stay longer?I didn't stay longer because I was tired.

Use the past tense forms (listened, cried, saw, was/were etc.)
Use the base form of the verb (the infinitive without "to) with the auxiliary 'did' Careful! We rarely use the present perfect to refer to past events. For troubleshooting quizzes on the present perfect go to the main index.
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