Pic of someone diving into a pool ESL
on Sharks

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For answers to these questions use a search engine. If you use the key word 'risk' when searching for information about shark attacks etc. you will find the information you need.
  1. Why is it better to stay in groups when you go swimming?
  2. Why should you stay near the shore when you go swimming?
  3. Why can night swimming be very dangerous?
  4. Why should you never swim when you are bleeding or menstruating?
  5. Why shouldn't you wear jewelry when swimming?
  6. Why shouldn't you wear bright-colored clothing?
  7. Why is it not a good idea to go swimming with your dog?
  8. Why is a surfer more at risk than a swimmer?
  9. Why should the presence of porpoise in the water not reassure you?
  10. Why should you be extremely careful when swimming between sandbars?