ESL Blues   Breakfast: a, an, some (nothing)   

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Choose a, an or (some):

  1. Waiter: Good morning. Would you like to see ___ menu?

  2. Customer: No thank you. I know what I want. I'd like ___ omelette.

  3. Waiter: Do you want ___ plain omelette?

  4. Customer: No, I'll have ___ ham omelette.

  5. Waiter: That comes with ___ toast. You have a choice of white or whole wheat.

  6. Customer: Could I have ___ English muffin instead.

  7. Waiter: Of course. Would you like ___ glass of orange juice with that?

  8. Customer: No thank you. Just bring me ___ water.

  9. Waiter: Would you like ___ cup of coffee as well?

  10. Customer: I don't suppose you have ___ decaffeinated coffee.

  11. Waiter: Yes we do. We serve ___ excellent cup of decaffeinated coffee.

  12. Customer: Good. Do you have ___ skim milk?

  13. Waiter: Yes, we do. Would you like ___ ketchup with your omelette?

  14. Customer: No thank you. Just one little question. I'm ___ tourist. Is there a tourist office in town?

  15. Waiter: Yes, there's ___ office just down the street.

  16. Customer: Good. You see, I'm looking for ___ hotel. Can you recommend one?

  17. Waiter: Well, there's the Seaview Hotel, but it's ___ expensive one.

  18. Customer: I'll call them anyway. I suppose this is just ___ summer work for you.

  19. Waiter: That's right. I'm studying Geology at ___ university in California.

  20. Customer: Good luck. I notice that it's not too busy right now.
    Waiter: It's the end of the breakfast service. Lunch starts in half ___ hour.

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